About us

Ugly Duckli is very much a family company and founded back in 2001.
We are physically located on Frederiksberg, which is an independant city in the middle of Copenhagen. Frederiksberg is actually nick-named the “Green Heart of Copenhagen”, which seems fitting considering our focus on the green transition and sustainability.

Our focus on Danish heritage traditions won the coveted Formland prize for the concept itself. We have been invited to decorate a full floor of Bergdorf Goodman on Manhattan – perhaps one of the most elegant department stores in the United States. And we have most recently now in 2022 been selected by Wonderful Copenhagen (the official Danish tourist organization) for special mention and support.

We truly love what we do and how we hopefully make a small “dent” in the world with spreading Danish heritage traditions. 

Only few are aware that we design, package and ship all products directly from us on Frederiksberg. We ship internationally and all year, so you can rely on us for special occasions. 

Rikke (to the right – you can read much more about her on the Stoltz website) brings the business savvy and execution skills, father Hans (in the middle) has designed many of our products and mother Elna (to the left) brings the truly good vibes and energy to all involved: Our customers, suppliers, associates and friends of the house. 

Elna, Hans and Rikke Vallentin Stoltz

Felix, Office Stress Manager

Felix is our hero in the office and reminds us to take breaks even when we’re extremely busy. He particularly loves greeting visitors & hopes that perhaps you may stop by?!

Rikke with the Ugly Duckli stress manager Felix

Jeppe Vallentin Stoltz, Inspirator

Jeppe was a scout, an elite soldier (“jægersoldat” in Danish) and Mt. Everest mountain climber.
He supports Ugly Duckli in spirit!

Jeppe Vallentin Stoltz
Ugly Duckli DIY experience

This was fabulous! What a delightful, inviting, relaxing afternoon away from the hustle and bustle. I left with all the warm and fuzzies. ❤️


Visited us in the summer of 2022 with his mother, Together we enjoyed weaving hearts together (this experience is available in the shop)

Gregg Wallace in Tivoli weaving Ugly Duckli paper hearts

Gregg Wallace visiting

In 2021 the BBC Channel five selected Copenhagen for a one hour Christmas holiday feature.

The host of the program was Gregg Wallace, known for presenting MasterChef, etc.

Ugly Duckli was selected for sharing our Danish holiday traditions including personally teaching Gregg how to weave paper hearts and how to enjoy the tradition.

This took place in Tivoli and was a truly fun and spectacular experience 🙂

Rikke is a fantastic host. I was able to learn so much about Danish culture during our time together. She has a fascinating background. I could have spent the whole day drinking coffee and getting to know her. The craft making was fun and it is a skill I’ll be able to share with my family back home. This is a very nice experience for families. I rode a bike from the center of Copenhagen to her location and it was a great way to start the day. Logistics were a breeze.


from the United States, Public review on AirBnB September 2022

Thank YOU for so much highly encouraging support through the many years…

It means the world to us and keeps us going. Please know that every time we hear from you or receive an order, one of us are doing a little happy dance 🙂
Always let us know how we may improve.

And let’s have fun and spread heartful good vibes to all that we love.
It is important! 

Jeppe Vallentin Stoltz