Copenhagen Christmas Experience

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Copenhagen Christmas Experience

Let's enjoy the romantic tradition of weaving paper hearts together.

When in Copenhagen, do as Danes do...!

This is a unique opportunity to enjoy one of the most authentic Danish heritage traditions of weaving paper heart baskets which were firstly created by the world famous fairy-tales author Hans Christian Andersen.
You will be welcomed in a private apartment in Frederiksberg (500m from the closest metro) where you will become a master of Danish woven hearts and enjoy a cheerful and 'hyggelig' atmosphere over coffee and treats. During our 2 hours together, we will teach you how to weave hearts and share more about Danish culture, traditions and fairy tales.

This experience is well suited for people of all ages. Your woven paper heart baskets will be made of high quality glazed paper custome made for Ugly Duckli, an award-winning company with the mission sharing the timeless Danish tradition of woven ornaments internationally. This means that your woven paper hearts will be of a particularly high quality and durable: an unique memory of your time in the wonderful Copenhagen.

As part of the event you will even receive the Ugly Duckli DIY woven paper heart giftbox (including instructions) so that you can show off your newly acquired weaving skills to friends and family!
We look forward to meeting you soon!

Fun Fact: even Gregg Wallace has learned how to weave Danish paper heart baskets with us in Tivoli (see image).
This became a Copenhagen Christmas movie which was first featured on BBC Channel 5 in December 2021. Perhaps you saw us there?!

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We are open for your ideas and suggestions...:)


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