Scandinavian christmas ornaments

Scandinavian Christmas Ornaments



The Scandinavian Christmas tree decorations typically fall into three categories: Ornaments, candle holders, and strings of lights and flags. There is usually a star or angel at the top of the tree.

Many people pass down ornaments from one generation to the next.

On Christmas Eve, candles are placed in the candle holders and lit, creating a beautiful and dazzling display.

In Denmark and Sweden, it is typical also to string the national flag around the tree, and strings of white lights are seen across the region.

Easy inspiration...

Scandinavian Christmas heart

Small flat woven hart ornament

Scandinavian Christmas heart

Large flat woven heart ornament

Scandinavian Christmas heart

Small woven heart basket

Scandinavian Christmas heart

Large woven heart basket

Scandinavian Christmas heart

Golden eight pointed star

Scandinavian Christmas heart

Drum with drumsticks

Scandinavian Christmas heart

Cone with woven imprint

Scandinavian Christmas heart

DIY woven paper heart kit

The look of the Scandinavian ornaments typically result in a refined and somewhat minimalist look that melts into the general holiday decor, yet still announces the holiday season.

There are traditional ornaments you will find in many homes from beloved brands such as Royal Copenhagen and Georg Jensen, to more modern and playful items that are chosen to suit each person’s decor style.

We hope you will love our Ugly Duckli Scandinavian ornaments. Whether you celebrate Christmas, or just like decorating for the holiday season, there’s a decoration for you.

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