scandinavian christmas decor

Scandinavian Christmas decor

Transform Your Home with Scandinavian Christmas Decor

Embracing Scandinavian Christmas Traditions

Scandinavian Christmas decor is known for its simplicity, elegance, and timeless charm. One of the most iconic elements of Scandinavian holiday decor is the tradition of woven hearts, or “julehjerter” in Danish. These delicate ornaments, crafted from paper or fabric, are intricately woven and often adorned with festive motifs. Back in 1861, Hans Christian Andersen created the first woven paper heart as a gesture of love for his sweetheart, inspiring a cherished tradition that continues to enchant homes across Scandinavia.

Exploring Other Famous Scandinavian Decor Brands

In addition to Ugly Duckli, several other renowned Scandinavian decor brands capture the essence of the region’s festive spirit. Ferm Living, known for its modern yet cozy designs, offers a range of minimalist holiday decorations that add a touch of Scandinavian elegance to any home. By Lassen, with its timeless Scandinavian designs inspired by Danish craftsmanship, offers stylish holiday decor that blends seamlessly with classic and contemporary interiors. These brands, like Ugly Duckli, embody the essence of Scandinavian design and craftsmanship & a Copenhagen Christmas.

Honoring Hans Christian Andersen’s Legacy

Hans Christian Andersen, the celebrated Danish fairytale writer, holds a special place in Scandinavian culture. Best known for his beloved tale, “The Ugly Duckling,” Andersen’s stories continue to inspire and captivate audiences around the world. At Ugly Duckli, our company is named in homage to Andersen’s timeless fairy tale, reflecting our commitment to storytelling and embracing individuality.

Experience Authentic Scandinavian Craftsmanship with Ugly Duckli

At Ugly Duckli, we invite you to experience the magic of Scandinavian Christmas with our authentic Danish products and experiences. From traditional woven hearts to high-quality glazed paper ornaments, our handcrafted creations celebrate the beauty of Scandinavian craftsmanship. Designed and manufactured from our office on Frederiksberg, in the heart of Copenhagen, our products embody the spirit of Scandinavian Christmas decor. So, if you ever find yourself folding a paper heart, remember that you’re continuing a tradition that began with the romantic gesture of a beloved storyteller. Join us in embracing the warmth and charm of Scandinavian Christmas decor with Ugly Duckli.


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Scandinavian Christmas heart

Small flat woven heart ornament

Scandinavian Christmas heart

Large flat woven heart ornament

Scandinavian Christmas heart

Small woven heart basket

Scandinavian Christmas heart

Large woven heart basket

Scandinavian Christmas heart

Golden eight pointed star

Scandinavian Christmas heart

Drum with drumsticks

Scandinavian Christmas heart

Cone with woven imprint

Scandinavian Christmas heart

DIY woven paper heart kit




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