Ugly Duckli ornaments

The sky’s the limit when it comes to different kinds of use of our Ugly Duckli products. On top of the below examples, perhaps also have fun with playing around with the “heart” and “star” words themselves. Such as “heartfelt greetings”, “from my heart to yours”, “heartfelt sympathy, respect and good wishes”, “appreciate your star quality work”, “you are THE star”, etc.

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How do YOU use your own hearts and other ornaments in real life?  🙂 
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wine ornament brass hearts

Try using the flat hearts around the neck of bottles. You have the option of purchasing both small and large size flat hearts.

The flat hearts are suitable as coasters as well, and may protect your table from scratches.

Another idea is to write a name with a strong marker, thereby making the heart a personalized gift. Should you wish to re-use your hearts for a different occasion and/or name, you can even wipe off the written name with the marker if doing so within a few hours.

wine ornament brass hearts

The open metal hearts are suitable for many purposes. Try them out as napkin rings for example. Or as a container for a little note or a sweet.

The open hearts come in two different sizes: Small and large. 

Woven heart napkin ring
Woven heart napkin ring
Ugly Duckli luxury ornaments

The Ugly Duckli products are highly suitable also for including in a gift basket. Plug and play with looks and feel as you desire.

This is a sample of a custom made gift basket for a large corporate customer. Enjoy styling everything YOUR way 🙂

Ugly Duckli luxury ornaments


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