Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen Central Park New York

One of the most well known Danish persons internationally is our beloved fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen.

His fairy tales have been translated in almost all languages. Including the Ugly Duckling fairytale, which is what we have picked as our company name and reference.

The image here is from a statue located in Central Park, New York.
Our founder Rikke spent many years living in New York and loved this statue and the local arrangements with fairy tales being read aloud throughout the summer for all to enjoy.

Back in 1861 Hans Christian Andersen created the first woven paper heart for his sweetheart. Through the years, it has become a Danish and Scandinavian tradition to make similar red and white woven heart baskets for Christmas. The hearts can be filled with candies or home-baked cookies and enjoyed everywhere, most often in Denmark as Christmas tree ornaments.

Read the full Ugly Duckling fairytale right here

Easy inspiration...

Scandinavian Christmas heart

Small flat woven heart ornament

Scandinavian Christmas heart

Large flat woven heart ornament

Scandinavian Christmas heart

Small woven heart basket

Scandinavian Christmas heart

Large woven heart basket

Scandinavian Christmas heart

Golden eight pointed star

Scandinavian Christmas heart

Drum with drumsticks

Scandinavian Christmas heart

Cone with woven imprint

Scandinavian Christmas heart

DIY woven paper heart kit


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