hans christian andersen in copenhagen

The Ugly Duckli brand is a refreshing, modern interpretation of the fairy tale title “The Ugly Duckling” by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen.

In 1861, he created the first woven paper heart for his sweetheart.

Through the years, these intricately woven hearts have come to symbolize romance, respect and good wishes.

DIY woven paper hearts

Experience the authentic Danish tradition of folding paper hearts.
Inside our DIY giftbox, you will find everything you need for folding 16 of your very own high quality woven paper hearts.

But you can also go yourself, of course.

Please find below a free gift to you from us: The Ugly Duckli woven paper heart instructions for your own personal use.

sustainability – designed for a kinder future

Each Ugly Duckli ornament is designed to be a stable in your more conscious collection, something you will find yourself enjoying time and time again.

As a fairy tale brand, and more importantly a human brand, we feel that it is our responsibility to demand real sustainable change.


Examples of recent feedback from our “experience” products:

I had a wonderful time doing this experience! I was welcomed by the host, Rikke, and her cute dog in a cosy apartment with good coffee and treats. I have learnt how to weave traditional paper heart baskets and I loved to hear about Danish customs and traditions and the author Hans Christian Andersen. This is definitely an experience to try if you want to do something different from the usual mainstream activities while in Copenhagen. BONUS POINT: I have got a DIY set for weaving paper hearts to bring home! Highly recommended!”

Ludovica, Abruzzo, Italy

Ugly Duckli DIY experience

the formland design award

This is probably the most coveted prize for Scandinavian home design.

Entries are reviewed by an independent jury and judged on the factors of originality, functionality, design, choice of materials and value for money.

We are truly honored for Ugly Duckli to have received this award.

thank you

Know that every purchase you make with us, there is someone in our little family doing the happy dance.

Ugly Duckli is a small boutique company looking to make a difference in every way possible.