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As a fairy tale ornament brand, and more importantly a human brand, we feel that it is our responsibility to demand more out of the industry we are a part of. Real change takes time, but even as a small brand we can make a significant impact and hope to inspire other brands to do the same.

At Ugly Duckli, our goal is to minimize waste – sustainability is therefore high on the agenda.

Our green hearts are fighting for less waste and more focus on renewables and sustainability.

Below you will find information about the both small and large initiatives we are taking to reduce our climate footprint and keep up our continued focus,

First of all, we aim for our products to be of high quality, which means that you only need one product (for example metal ornament) instead of a lot of disposable products you may regularly throw out. Our philosophy is that to have a greener planet, we must consume less. An easy way to achieve less consumption is by using your stuff over and over again.

Secondly, we are conscious of our own CO2 footprint from manufacturing location and to our office in Denmark. We have for example now taken the step to 100% manufacture and assemble our DIY woven paper heart kit product in Denmark for this reason.

Thirdly, the transport packaging of all orders focuses on Zero Waste. We try to minimize empty space in packaging. This reduces the amount of packing material and it enables the postal service to ship more packages with each single delivery, They therefore can reduce the number of pick-ups to us which at the end of the day saves CO2. If you wish to save the transportation cost, we also welcome you to come by the Ugly Duckli office and pick-up your order (please let us know via email

Fourthly, our sustainability focus of course spills on to our office materials and handling of this webshop itself. You will receive your order confirmation and receipt via email, which saves paper. And we for example use brown recycled paper for gift wrapping.

And finally, through this website and social media we do our best to communicate our various sustainability initiatives and choices. We celebrate our community, and at Ugly Duckli there is room for everyone. Whether you are a climate Hero or “just” want to save money and waste, we are delighted to have you join our journey.

We truly appreciate your support!


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