English – How to fold a paper heart

If only we had a penny for every time we are asked how to fold a paper heart!

We grew up in Denmark, and every one there knows the Scandinavian crafts and how to fold a paper heart. It is a Scandinavian tradition that we make these pretty red and white woven heart baskets for Christmas, to hang on our Christmas trees.

For the longest time, we dreamt of sharing this romantic tradition of paper heart folding with the world. Now we can!



We are thrilled to present you, our award-winning, how to fold a paper heart kit.

Inside our beautifully designed, sturdy gift box, you will find everything you need for creating your very own paper hearts. You will have enough glazed cutouts for eight large paper hearts and eight smaller ones. And of course, each box comes with its own step-by-step instructions on how to fold a paper heart.


In no time, you will be an expert yourself and can even show your family and friends how to fold a paper heart! 

Additional information on this type of woven paper hearts is available on Wikipedia.

Thanks again for your interest and/or purchase of the award-winning Ugly Duckli product. Every effort has been made to hand craft all parts with the utmost care.

Your “how to fold a paper heart” DIY kit contains:

  • Red and white paper cutouts for 8 small and 8 large hearts
  • Paper loops for hanging
  • Glue for attaching the loops to the hearts
  • Easy to follow instructions


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